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Automotive Production System
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Product: Views:480Automotive Production System 
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Industrial elevator cargo elevator is a kind of lifting mechanical equipment or device which carries people or goods on vertical upper and lower passages or semi-closed platform. It is a whole system which consist of platforms , equipment, motors, cables and other auxiliary equipment.

The elevator cargo elevator develops very fast,because most manufacturers or individuals choose multi-storey buildings to improve the utilization of the site, they also need a device to rise or land of cargo. Due to the high cost and low carrying capacity of ordinary elevators, which are not suitable for loading dozens or hundreds of tons of goods. Therefore, high bearing capacity hydraulic industrial lifts, industrial lifting platforms and industrial lifting cargo elevators are developed to assist production and cargo transportation.  

The classification of the automobile lifting elevators

Column-type automobile elevator

The vertical-column automobile elevator adopts four vertical-column guide rail structure, and the hydraulic pump station drives the operation, lifting the automobile from the low to the high. Features of column type automobile elevator: lifting height range: 1-12 meters; lifting weight range: 3-5 tons; high precision hydraulic rotation, stable lifting, simple operation, low failure rate; high strength chain pulling, load-bearing and no extension of service life, long safety factor.

Scissor Lift

The Scissor-fork type automobile elevator adopts the Scissor-fork type lifting structure. It is mainly used for automobile transportation between different floors, such as 4S automobile shop, exhibition hall, underground parking lot of high-grade villas and multi-storey parking lot. It can also be used as lifting platform for automobile maintenance. The fork-cut automobile elevator can only be used in uniform load automobile conveying occasion, and can not be used as a common platform or conveyor. Car lifts are equipped with a complete operating device, button boxes and external terminal boxes connecting guardrails and doorframes. The maximum parameters of the standard type of automobile elevator are as follows: - Load: 3000-5000kg - Maximum stroke: 7000 mm - Desk size: 6000 x 3500 mm. They can be designed and produced according to the special requirements of customers.

Guideway chain type automobile elevator

Different structure of automobile elevator has different characteristics, of course, the price of automobile elevator varies. The price of automobile elevator mainly depends on the elevation height and load.