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Vehicle Assembly Line
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Product: Views:480Vehicle Assembly Line 
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Last updated: 2019-05-01 11:41

The main components of the industrial lift:

● Top frame: The frame for installing the drive unit and the driven unit is generally composed of channel steel welding.

● Drive unit: Power unit consisting of motor, shaft, bearing housing and sprocket.

● Driven device: Shaft, bearing seat, sprocket, etc.

● Column: Generally made of square tube, plus connector pieces.

● Lifting platform: The guide wheel, frame and support are used to support the ascending or descending of the workpiece.

● Counterweight: The guide wheel, frame and weight are used to balance the weight of the workpiece and the lifts.

The introduction of the industrial lift:

The workpiece can be converted in the upper and lower line body to meet the production needs.

Single-column aluminium alloy elevator is a new generation of aluminium alloy lifting platform products. Just like double-column aluminium alloy elevator, it is made of new domestic high-strength aluminium alloy. It has the characteristics of high strength, minimal deflection and swing. Because the material of aluminium alloy is light and strong, this kind of lifting platform can give full play to the highest lifting ability in the smallest indoor space, which makes it easy for a single person to work at high altitude. It is also an elevator with an overturning device. On the premise of ensuring the working height, it can reduce the condensation height and facilitate the passage and storage of low halls. Aluminum alloy hydraulic principle is used to lift.

The daily inspection and maintenance of the lift:

● Check the tightening of each component, such as whether the fixing screws of the drive unit, driven device, switch, etc. are loose.

● Whether the drive motor is abnormal: whether there is jamming or abnormal noise.

● Check the oil level of the reducer so that it is within the scale range. If you encounter oil change day (visual inspection after 3000 hours of operation, change the oil after 10000 hours), you should change the oil in time and pay attention to the temperature during use. Rise does not exceed the value of its products.

● Check the conveyor chain once every half month and add oil lubrication.

● Security check: Regularly check whether each security alarm device is working normally.