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Car Elevator Design
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Product: Views:480Car Elevator Design 
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The main components of the elevator:

● Top rack: The frame for installing driving device and driven device,which is generally composed of channel steel welding.

● Driving device: Power device consisting of motor, bearing, bearing seat, sprocket (roller), etc.

● Column: Generally made of square tube, plus connector pieces.

● Sliding frame: Guide wheel, frame and support are used to carry the workpiece up or down.

● Balance weight: Guide wheel, frame and counterweight block are used to balance the weight of workpiece and sliding frame.

The utility of the lift:

It enables the workpiece to be transformed between the upper and lower parts of the line to meet the needs of production.

Daily check and maintenance of lifts:

The development of elevator is in a peak state. In order to improve the utilization rate of the site, most manufacturers or individuals choose multi-storey buildings, which also needs a device to facilitate the upgrade and downfall of goods. Because of the high cost and low carrying capacity of ordinary elevators, they are not suitable for loading dozens or hundreds of tons of goods, so a high bearing capacity hydraulic elevator has been developed to assist production and freight transportation. The elevator is safe and has super load capacity, and easy to maintain, which makes this special industry develop faster.

The elevator has been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory. The technical indicators meet the design requirements. When using the elevator, only the power supply needs to be connected, and the hydraulic and electrical systems need not be adjusted. In the use of lifts, attention should be paid to the fact that they must be placed on a solid and flat ground in order to prevent overturning when working. Press the "up" or "down" button to make the worktable rise and fall. If the worktable does not move, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. When it is found that the working pressure of the electric elevator is too high or the sound is abnormal, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection in order to avoid serious damage to the machine; the working status of the shaft pin should be checked regularly every month, and if it is found that the shaft pin and screw are loose, it must be locked to prevent the accident caused by the loss of the shaft pin. Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced every six months. When maintaining and cleaning the elevator, it is necessary to support the safety brace.